Migration Policy-

Migration Policy of Students
To promote national integration, 30% of strength of class IX are migrated from JNVs of Hindi speaking area to JNVs of Non-Hindi speaking area. This unique policy gives the students an opportunity to expose themselves to different languages, food habits, cultural ,richness of different parts of our country .

Implementation of migration policy and III  Language

Migration form J.N.V Liwa Khullen Sarei Chandel Manipur III Lang. Manipur


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Migration Status
Nature of Migration Name of link Vidyalaya No of Outgoing students No of Incoming Students
Girls Total Boys Girls Total
Migration for IIIrd Lang. JNV Rohatak, West Sikkim 12 0 12 12 0 12
Mini – Migration Status
Name of the Vidyalaya from where the students have Mini-Migrated to your Vidyalaya VOC Hum Com. Total Boys Girls Total
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0